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Designer Handbags Trenton MI

Local resource for designer handbags in Trenton. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to luxury handbags, as well as advice and content on the latest designer and luxury handbags and purses.

(313) 581-8473
Departments / Services
Glass, Shocks, Tire Discounters, Cooling Systems, Batteries, Wheels Repair, Belle Tire, Tire Wear, Air Conditioner Parts, Tires Repair, Struts, Belts, Axle Suspension Parts, Braking Systems, Rims Custom Wheels, Tires Retail, Shock Replacement, Tires Service, tire, Chrome Wheels, alignment, Parts, Oil Change, Commercial Services, Custom Wheels, Installation, wheel, Suspension Systems, Air Conditioning, Nitrogen Tire Inflation, rims, Custom Work, Michigan Tires, Wheel Alignment, Maintenance, Disco
42.318007 -83.191374

(734) 522-1820
Departments / Services
Inspection, Auto Repair, Shocks, alignment, Batteries, Computerized Services, Tires, Suspension Systems, Fuel Injection, Brakes, Diagnostics, Radiators, Coolant, Struts, Water Pumps, Coil Springs, Free Estimates, Filters, Brake Service, Exhaust Systems, Axle Suspension Parts, Springs, Auto Service, Air Conditioning, Tire Wheel Rotation, Imports, Engines, Front End Work, Tune-Ups, Repair, Maintenance, Wheels, Fuel Injectors, Oil Changes, Engine Diagnostics, Braking Systems, Starters, Alternators,
42.368268 -83.344532

(734) 283-9410
Southgate, MI
Sun: 11a - 8pMon-Sat: 9:30a - 9:30p

Family Thrift Store & Donation Center
14269 Eureka Rd.
Southgate, MI
Men's Wearhouse
(734) 287-8360
23000 Eureka Road #E20
Taylor, MI
MON: 10:00-9:00
TUE: 10:00-9:00
WED: 10:00-9:00
THU: 10:00-9:00
FRI: 10:00-9:00
SAT: 10:00-9:00
SUN: 12:00-6:00;

(734) 728-5477
Departments / Services
alignment, Installation, Chrome Wheels, Replacement, wheel, Commercial Services, Ohio Tires, Brakes, Wheel Alignment, Air Conditioning, Parts, Custom Work, Car Battery, Repair, Shock Replacement, Air Conditioner Parts, Tire Discounters, Batteries, Winter Tires, Steering Systems, Wheels Repair, Balancing, Tires Service, Windshield Repair, Belts, Rims Custom Wheels, Tires Retail, Suspension Systems, Belle Tire, Wheels Service, Windshields, Custom Wheels, Michigan Tires, Mud Tires, Nitrogen Tire In
42.297698 -83.388583

(313) 822-0435
Departments / Services
infant shoes, women's shoes, kid's shoes, ladies shoes, soccer shoes, boots, Shoes, girl's shoes, sneakers, Clothing Stores, cheap shoes, men's shoes, back to school shoes, boy shoes, sandals, bogo, shoes bogo, girl shoes, discount shoes, Shoe Stores, boy's shoes, children's shoes, footwear, backpacks
42.366452 -82.971734

AJ Wright
(734) 285-4420
14255 Eureka Road
Southgate, MI
Mon-Sat: 9:00am-9:00pm
Sun: 11:00am-8:00pm

Christopher and Banks
(734) 287-9050
Southland Center
Taylor, MI
Mon-Fri 10 am - 9 pm
Saturday 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday 11 am - 6 pm

Dicks Sporting Goods #89
(734) 374-0429
23349 Eureka Rd Taylor
Taylor, MI

Alessandra Gucci’s Limited-Edition Bags

This was an interesting range to come through on our newsdesk this week. These bags have been designed by Alessandra Gucci, daughter of Maurizio, granddaughter of Rodolfo. The First is a limited edition of 99 pieces globally: there will only be 11 of each style. The idea is to minimize the odds of going to a party to find someone else with the same bag. We did notice that the catalogue that we received dates back to May 2007, however—perhaps the roll-out is region by region?
   Our favourites are shown below, and more information is at Gucci’s website .
AG Limited Edition in Lucire
AG Limited Edition in Lucire...

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Media Fnally Get Behind Lauren Bush’s WFP Bag

It has taken the media a while, considering model Lauren Bush has been promoting these since April, but there has finally been worldwide attention on the Feed 1 bag (US$59·95) that she designed in collaboration with the UN World Food Programme . The bag does hit Harrod’s in December at a £30 price, which admittedly lifts its profile, though American customers will be able to get theirs via .
The Feed 1 bag’s proceeds will feed a child for an entire academic year. It is made of burlap and natural muslin, and is reversible. Its most striking feature for the buyer is probably its logo—a customer can feel proud announcing her contribution when carrying the tote bag....

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Samantha Hannah Launches Stylish Bag Range, Using Recycled Materials

Lucire editor Samantha Hannah ’s In the Pond collection of handbags, satchels and wallets for Konev launches this week, using fully recycled and some sustainable material.
   Samantha’s expertise and continued practice as a stylist and style consultant has resulted in a line that works with all body shapes. The bags are made from soft, high-quality leather and are lined with her signature red. The handbags and wallets are accented with fabulous splashes of vibrantly coloured fish skin. Most materials used were recycled from boxes and the storeroom within the factory.
   Practical features like the hidden cellphone and coin pocket at the back of the bags and feet on the bottom make it the perfect accessory for all modern women.
   The line fits with Lucire’s own ethos as a UNEP fashion industry partner, something which Samantha feels strongly about.
   The designs were based on the gardens at Versailles.
   ‘The elegant beauty of these gardens is timeless; sustainable. The Persian architect who designed it had remarkable vision and style. I wanted to draw on this in my collection,’ says Sam.
   Tanya Sooksombatisatian, Lucire’s head designer, photographed and created the branding for the bags, while the typeface used for Samantha’s brand is Lucire Text Bold, originally designed for this title....

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