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European Vacation Travel Agencies Sylvania OH

Local resource for European vacation travel agencies in Sylvania. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to vacations in Europe, as well as advice and content on the latest and hottest luxury resorts in Europe where you can schedule your vacation.

Central Travel
(419) 843-6294
6710 W Central Ave Ste 5
Toledo, OH
AAA Travel Agency
(419) 843-1212
7150 W Central Ave
Toledo, OH
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
(419) 874-2226
4041 W Central Ave Ste 2
Toledo, OH
Atlas World Travel
(419) 865-0700
1950 S Reynolds RD
Toledo, OH
Fortune Hi Tech Marketing
(419) 243-5331
2919 Fulton St
Toledo, OH
Gary Gonya Travel Service
(419) 843-7703
4859 W Sylvania Ave
Toledo, OH
A H Travel
(419) 535-6103
2543 N Reynolds RD
Toledo, OH
Encore Travel
(419) 474-4488
4478 Monroe St
Toledo, OH
Azteca Travel
(419) 385-1150
3831 Glendale Ave
Toledo, OH
AAA Travel agency Branch Offices
(419) 478-2341
308 New Towne Square Dr
Toledo, OH

Michael Caine Is London’s Favourite Londoner

In an effort to get tourist numbers up, Britain’s Visit London campaign, in association with Virgin Atlantic, has presented an award to actor Michael Caine—Sir Maurice Micklewhite—for being London’s Favourite Londoner. The award was voted on by fellow Londoners and is one of fourteen Visit London awards that are presented. The awards are now in their fifth year.
   Visit London has been more consistent with its marketing than various efforts to brand the country, from the Tony Blair favourite of Cool Britannia in the late 1990s to UK OK earlier this century.
   For Michael Caine fans, the great Academy Award-winning actor does not say in this video, ‘My name is Michael Caine,’ ‘Not a lot of people know that,’ or ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’


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Stockholm Is Europe’s Frst Green Capital

We were delighted to hear that Stockholm has been named the first European Green Capital by the European Commission.
   Stockholm is one of our favourite cities, and even though it never got congested compared to many European cities, the forward-thinking Swedes still implemented a congestion charge. The city has integrated environmental issues into its budget and operational planning. Some 90 per cent of the population live less than 300 m from green areas that improve the local quality of life, bringing recreation, water purification, noise reduction, and an enhancement of biodiversity and ecology. The city can boast a 25 per cent reduction in per capita carbon dioxide emissions since 1990.
   Below are scenes of Stockholm, comments from Deputy Mayor Ulla Hamilton on the naming of Stockholm as the Europe’s Green Capital of 2010, and everyday Stockholmers talking about their city.


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